We Happy to Serve You!

Talent smart is an innovative staffing solutions company expanding with consistent efforts to progress our business from the inception of our operations. We are successful in leveraging on our expertise, technology and infrastructure platforms to deliver the desired output and become a preferred human resource staffing partner to our clients.

We have focussed on value creation for our clients with the right blend of processes, technologies and our skilled in-house staff. We help our clients by reducing the financial and opportunity costs of an employee. We focus on continuous improvement of business processes and aim at client satisfaction. This helped us to attain superior levels of business competence and customer satisfaction.

Executive Search

We provide service to Executive and CXO level/niche positions across industry verticals encircling 360-degree progress. We do an extensive Search, draw-up a Skill Matrix, and map competency for suitable selection. We help in filling suitable C-suite, Board of directors, other Executive cadre positions for established companies as well as the start-ups who are in the growth phase. We leverage on our industry networking and know-how to provide the right talent to Executive positions.

Our elite dedicated team works on CXO level positions through industry references and headhunting. We update the passive job seekers on the C-suite level positions by maintaining the confidentiality of their interest.

Contingent Recruitments

We leverage our in-house database, referrals, social media advertisement, channel partner support, walk-in-interviews etc. to fulfil our on-going client requirements. Our recruiters are proficient at addressing domain specific and vertical-specific demands, supported by robust technology to ensure successful delivery and excel client satisfaction.

Advertised Selection

Advertised Selection of candidates helps us to reach the largest candidate base from different backgrounds, boundaries and expertise. When the need of the hour is volume hire, advertise selection serves as a solution. We use creative designs and informative advertising strategies to draw talent's attention. We provide length and breadth wise service with robust feedback, in-depth analysis and modified MIS reports. Advertisements help our brand to reach to the larger community.

Contract Staffing / Temporary Staffing

Organisations are struggling to meet the ever-changing industry demands and the required personnel with the right skills. In such a scenario, the permanent hire will not be a viable option. Talent Smart understands the need of the volatile industry demands and provides agile, on-demand workforce to our clients.

We identify and hire resources for temporary assignments/projects and take the approved resources by the client on our payroll. Alternatively, we also take pre-identified resources on our payroll. Talent Smart shoulders the entire responsibility for all administrative activities, employee statutory benefits and requisite compliances for the outsourced resources. The client monitors and controls the operational performance. We help our clients to reduce hiring costs, mitigate risks, increase productivity and get the right workforce for the projects.

Talent Smart gives complete flexibility to clients to choose a single or a few services of just hiring, HR administration of an employee, or statutory and mandatory compliances or a complete package of services. In both cases, we assure consistency of quality, service delivery with adherence to regulatory compliances and client specific SLAs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We offer recruitment solutions in totality. Our RPO solutions raised the standards of talent acquisition to a strategic level. Our strategic approach is in line with your corporate objectives. With our RPO solutions, we give the right talent at lower TAT and lower cost.

  • Recruitment & Talent Mapping

    We research extensively and implement customised hiring strategies detailed to our client’s job requirements and hiring needs. Our recruitment team is highly experienced in the recruitment process and use various social networking sites and referral methods for candidate searching. Our Recruiters are well-trained and are at ease with cold-calling and telephonic sourcing of candidates. Our team extends complete recruitment cycle from management of internal and external candidates, vendors and employee referral programs.

  • Requisition Management

    We have dedicated resources to deal directly with hiring managers. Our team conducts robust requisition assessment, pipeline management and relationships. Our team adopt to client culture and handle every-day operations.

  • Applicant intake

    Our recruitment team collects candidate resumes from various sources and ensures a smooth transition to the candidate in the entire recruitment process with us. We collect profiles from varied sources, and develop job descriptions for easy understanding of the job roles.

  • Resume Management

    At Talent Smart, we post the job requirements, conduct robust resume screening by scanning and verifying the resumes, and report to the clients. Resume management is a part of our Talent Smart services, however, we provide them as stand alone also.

  • Test & Assessment Administration

    Talent Smart provides services like facility identification, candidate scheduling, conducting the test session and proctoring if necessary. We work with all client vendors (SHL, Previsor, People Answers, Gallup, etc.) to administer testing.

  • Interview Administration

    Talentsmart has experienced interviewers to conduct Telephonic and Face-Face Interviews with the candidates. Our team had experience in expediting this process.

  • Interview Scheduling

    Talent Smart coordinates with hiring managers, and recruiters to schedule candidates. We conduct video Interviewing if needed to save time and cost. (Green Job Interview).

  • Offer Process

    We assist our clients in raising offers to the selected candidates. We assist in the salary offer administration. We assist the clients in closing the offer and other administrations including domestic relocation, employee ID processing, etc.

  • Onboarding

    We manage the Onboarding process virtually for our clients using their systems and software.

  • Exit Interviews

    Our Human resource professionals support the retention goals of our clients. We formulate strategies to convince employees and reduce attrition. Our expert team can handle exit interviews and give the feedback to the client. (Phone, Online 360, Email, etc.)

  • Employee Referral Program Management

    We manage and optimise Employee Referal programs for our clients. We have contacts ready in our database and contact that when there is a need.

Training and Development

Talent smart firmly believes that talent development is possible can with right training. We offer a gamut of training solution depending on the client need. Our extensive training programs include:

  • Leadership training
  • Soft skills training
  • Campus to corporate training
  • Technical training
  • Functional training
  • Train and deploy
  • Managerial training
  • Safety training
  • E-learning

Payroll management

Payrolling is an integral part of any business. Business face challenges due to multiple challenges and complexities of statutory requirements and financial management. We help our clients by providing on-time, accurate, timely payroll system every time.

Our payroll management services include a bouquet of services comprising of tax management, accounting management, central exercise, customs services. We provide accurate and timely payroll management.

Our services include:

  • Multiple pay groups
  • Leave management
  • Statutory and regulatory reports in the desired format
  • Employee TDS management
  • Employee earnings management
  • Loans and advanced management

Market Intelligence

An understanding of the market trends and competitor trends is the key for any successful business. Market Intelligence helps organisations to fast-track industry trends and make competitor analysis. Our market intelligence systems give critical business information which can be converted into actionable insights to make informed strategic business decisions.

At Talent Smart, we assess the client’s needs, gather and develop the required information by the client. Later, we analyse this raw information for the easy understanding of the client. Finally, distribute this information to the client to make tactical business decisions.

Our expert marketing intelligence team with their vast market research experience assist the client to meet their hiring needs. We identify the client’s need and use our market research expertise to determine the pertinent needs and develop the requirements. We gather information from internal client data, market research and market intelligence. We conduct market research using exploratory research, causal research, descriptive research etc.