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A Complete Guide To The H1B Visa

Every year, numerous IT employees commute to the United States for employment on H1B visas. Having an H1B visa can serve as an entry ticket to work in USA too. Even this year, many American companies are hiring foreign employees, providing them the opportunity to work in the United States. 

At present, Talent Smart soft Solutions a US-based IT services provider is looking to hire many software professionals and sponsor H1B Visa for our USA Operations. So, if you are an Azure/ Fullstack/ Salesforce developer with at minimum 5 years of experience and wish to migrate to the United States, this could be the right chance for you. 

If you are willing to know more, this could be the perfect guide for you. Read on to learn all about Talent Smart Soft Solutions, what is an H1B visa, the prerequisites for obtaining it, and the process involved. 

About Talent Smart Soft Solutions

Talent Smart Soft Solutions is a software development company, providing end-to-end IT services and solutions to a wide range of industrial sectors in the United States and India. We are a client-focused company, our eventual aim is to deliver the best services to our partners and clients. Talent Smart Soft Solutions is preferred by many clients due to its reliability, credibility, and commitment. At Talent Smart, the team works collaboratively to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their services.

In order to widen its global reach, Talent Smart Soft Solutions has been expanding its software operations in the United States. At the moment, the company has numerous job openings and has started hiring employees around the globe to fill the positions.

What exactly is an H1B visa?

H1B visa is a temporary visa category that allows foreign workers to work in specialty professions including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in USA.

H1B visa validity: 6 Years

H1B visa prerequisites

  1. Bachelor’s (or) Master’s degree in the relevant occupation stream.
  2. Offer letter from a U.S employer.
  3. Work experience in the relevant field
  4. Theoretical knowledge and practical application

Also the employee and employer must show the following supporting documents for authorization while filing an H1B visa.

  1. All documents pertaining to your academic credentials, including graduation, post-graduation, training, certificates, and courses relevant to the specialty occupation you are applying for
  2. Job contract documents between employee and employer and employee recognition certificate showcasing the ability for specialty occupation
  3. Documentation showing that the applicant is a legitimate US employer
  4. Proper documentation exhibiting a clear employee-employer relationship
  5. Genuine job offer letter

H1B visa application process

  1. Finding the right sponsor for your H1B visa
  2. Electronic registration for the H1B lottery
  3. Lottery selection results will be notified by USCIS (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services)
  4. File for LCA (Labour Conditions Approval) and form I-129 (Petition for Nonimmigrant worker)
  5. USCIS will send H1B visa petition approval notices
  6. Stamping of approved H1B petitions at the U.S embassy

Why choose Talent Smart Soft Solutions as Your Client to work in USA?

When it comes to multinational companies, most of them have an in-house immigration team that handles employee migrations abroad. But what about businesses that do not have an immigration team? It will be a tough ride to get approval for your H1B.

In very recent times Talent Smart Soft Solutions has emerged as a reliable IT Service company through its existence in different locations in USA. Here’s how Talent Smart Soft Solutions will follow the process.

  1. Talent Smart Soft Solutions is committed to delivering end-to-end assistance starting from Project allocation to Visa.
  2. Staffed with a knowledgeable Immigration team who are skilled at filing H1B visas without any errors every year.
  3. Our staff goes beyond visa processing; they assist visa applicants at every phase and ensure secure & accurate documentation.
  4. Talent Smart facilitates visa sponsorship services in accordance with US government rules and regulations.

Bookmark the Date for H1B Cap 2024 Petition

  1. February-15th to February-28th – Interviews and Finalizing the applications will close by Feb 28th.
  2. March-1st to March-18th: H1B Registrations will close by March 18th.
  3. March-25th: Selected candidates will be notified by USCIS (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services) by 25th, March

If you are an IT Professional with a minimum of 5+ years of experience and planning to migrate to the United States, Talent Smart Soft Solutions can be a great companion for your seamless immigration journey. 

Reach out to know more about their services and receive complete assistance.

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