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Application Maintenance and Support Services

Application Maintenance and Support for Transforming Your Business Next Level

Application Maintenance and Support Services | India | USA

Our Application Maintenance Services (AMS) encompass expanding (or) modifying application functionality, troubleshooting, and developing innovative features. Our skilled professionals use their skills to maintain your applications, improve provided services, and strengthen application features.

Leverage our AMS services to save maintenance expenses from consuming your development budget in India and USA. Our Application Maintenance and Support Solutions ensure that IT applications have reduced costs, lower risks, and a greater return on investment. Talent Smart Soft Solutions provides high-quality Application Maintenance and Support Services such as application security and support, application integration, user assistance, operations performance monitoring, and end-user support, among others.

Application Maintenance & Support (AMS)

Our Offerings

Application Maintenance & Support (AMS)

Application Performance Monitoring

Apart from designing applications, we will monitor if the application features are meeting performance standards, detecting potential issues and resolving them, and delivering the best user experience. It helps to get into performance insights to detect faults in the system and fix them at the earliest. Application performance monitoring is aimed to reduce downtime and improve user experience and satisfaction.

Application Enhancement

We analyze the functionality of current applications and work to modernize their features. Our team will upgrade the existing application functionalities with advanced technologies, frameworks, databases, etc. It helps to provide error-free applications and boosts the processing speed of applications. Application enhancement services are intended to enhance automation capabilities, extend the life of existing applications, and increase the value of your organization.

application enhancement
application maintenance services and solutions

Application Migration

We can migrate your software applications, including data and servers, from one cloud environment to another. Our professionals are experienced in migrating applications from local environments to AWS, Oracle, Google, and Microsoft Azure. Transferring applications helps to enhance application efficiency and performance. Application migration services are meant to improve scalability, security, and optimize maintenance costs.

Application Integration

Our application integration services allow you to exchange business data and methodologies across various applications within your organization. This enables to connect with on-premise and cloud applications to share and manage the data for smooth business workflows. Application integration services are developed to maintain applications updated while eliminating data loss and duplication.

Application Maintenance & Support (AMS)
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Security and Support

We offer security and support services even after the application has been deployed to ensure product quality. Our professionals provide technical assistance to help you streamline your business operations. Our team is skillful in anticipating potential faults and fixing them within 24 hours. We are available round the clock in addressing our clients and troubleshooting their problems.

What Application Maintenance And Support Activities Do We Cover?

  • Product Maintenance
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Version Enhancements
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Support

Choose The Preferred Application Maintenance Type

Adaptive Maintenance

Modify the working environment of system software with trending technology, rules, policies, etc. Predicts potential defects and keeps the system adaptable to changing environments. Enables automated testing to identify faults and minimize the frequency of code changes. This maintenance is often conducted in parallel with upgrades to the operating system, hardware, software, cloud storage, and so on.

Corrective Maintenance

Detects system vulnerabilities through routine inspection. The machine or equipment is isolated from the entire unit to avoid system breakdown Equipment is either repaired or replaced to troubleshoot the defects. This maintenance is often performed to extend the life of a system and maintain its operational functionality.

Preventive Maintenance

Monitors system performance, diagnoses system failure, and prevents system breakdown. Maintaining records of periodic audits and maintenance of every machine. Prevents unexpected breakdowns, high servicing costs, and increases productivity. This maintenance is conducted on each and every component of the equipment on a regular basis.

Perfective Maintenance

Emphasizes the development of new functionalities in the preexisting system. Includes both incorporating new features and deleting ineffective features from the present system. Helps to enrich user interface, system usability, and functionality. This maintenance is implemented based on the client’s suggestions to enhance the system’s performance.


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