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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Maximize Enterprise Efficiency with Our Streamlined ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Proper planning, implementation, and effective management are key aspects of business success. For any size of business, ERP can make those three steps happen easily. Enterprise Resource Planning combines all the major segments of business, like finance and accounting, projects, human resources, customer experience, and the supply chain, to offer an accurate view of the entire business. If you are looking for ERP solutions or have a problem with your current ERP solutions, then we, Talent Smart Soft Solutions, might find the best solution for your enterprise resource planning problems.

One has to be an expert at understanding the numbers with perfect accuracy. Gathering all the numbers for all the sections of the business and then drawing the requirements can take a huge amount of time. Instead of following routine manual or outdated software, choose premium ERP software that automates almost all the easy and critical tasks of business. Our experts can provide you with the ultimate ERP solutions to make these regular tasks easier and complete all the resource planning quicker.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Regardless of your organization’s size or sector, our complete ERP services are carefully developed to solve the specific demands and difficulties of your business. We provide specialized solutions that align with your vision and objectives because we have a thorough awareness of the crucial role that enterprise resource planning systems play in simplifying operations, increasing efficiency, and stimulating development.

Our Pool Of Enterprise Resource Planning Software Development Services

Our ERP development team is filled with highly skilled experts with numerous projects and years of experience in hand. Our team goes through every single option to develop and deliver dynamic software that covers all the requirements of our clients.

ERP Consulting Services

Our team of experts goes through the entire business, analyzes the situation, and understands strategies implemented previously and current strategies to the fullest. Considering all the outcomes, our experts develop customized strategies that you can implement in your current ERP software to get the desired outcome.

Customized ERP Solutions

As our professionals have years of experience up their sleeves, we are wizards of creating customized ERP solutions per your requirements. Our experts will be with you from the beginning to understand requirements, design, and develop ERP software for all sizes of businesses. Our professionals make sure that the software is robust and scalable and can provide important insights over multiple platforms, like the web, desktop, and mobile.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP Application Development

We are creative minds with experienced hands. Our technical team has experience with leading technologies and programming languages. Using cutting-edge technologies, our experts build custom ERP applications filled with features that benefit clients. The enterprise resource planning applications are developed to support all platforms, from desktop to mobile.

Managed Services

Managing existing software is another version of not going forward with innovation. Instead of staying in one place, keep moving forward by transferring the management responsibilities to us. With continuous monitoring and management, our team takes precautionary steps to resolve issues even before they arise.

ERP Implementation Services

Enterprise Resource Planning is the backbone of any business. One must design, develop, and implement the software precisely. A poor implementation can destroy the best ERP solutions, without any doubt. Our elite team with diverse skills in ERP implementation can take care of the complete process.

Staff Augmentation

Build the most reliable and robust ERP software in-house by using our staff augmentation service. This process allows you to hire some of the most skilled and experienced professionals to work on the project until the end. You can go through the required skill set and get all the required skills from our services.

Our Expert ERP Platforms

Oracle ERP

Our Oracle ERP services are provided by seasoned experts with deep platform knowledge. We are aware of the crucial role Oracle ERP plays in simplifying corporate processes, increasing effectiveness, and guaranteeing compliance. Our staff is committed to offering complete solutions specially designed to meet each client’s needs.

Our professionals painstakingly create and carry out plans that are in line with your business goals, from the first evaluation through implementation and continuing support. We have extensive experience in enhancing the functionality and integration of Oracle ERP modules, including finance, procurement, supply chain, and human resources.

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond technical mastery, including a thorough comprehension of our clients’ difficulties in certain industries. To guarantee a seamless transition, we carefully collaborate with your team to evaluate business needs, configure the ERP system, and offer training.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We have a proven track record of successfully implementing Oracle ERP, and we’re committed to assisting our clients in achieving their goals, including cost savings, process automation, or regulatory compliance. Our services are designed to help Oracle ERP reach its full potential and ultimately help your organization succeed.

Oracle Projects We Handle

Oracle ERP Deployment

If you are beginning your journey or fed up with the old ERP system, we are here to deliver the absolute and most appropriate ERP software to you. Our experts go through your entire business and management structure and work on the project from planning, designing, developing, and deploying to finally managing the software. Our ERP software covers almost every important segment of your business effectively.

ERP Rollout

Our Rollout services are perfect for your new office in a new location. We start by understanding your ERP to the fullest and deploying all the features for the new branch as well. Our professionals also go through the local terms and regulations and customize the ERP system according to them. Continue the journey of success with our perfect ERP solutions

Upgrade Of Systems

Every system has updates once in a while, and ERP is no exception. Our seasoned experts go through the current version of your ERP system and upgrade it to the new version with appropriate customizations and added features. We have years of experience upgrading the ERP systems from version 11 to 12+.


There are many businesses or enterprises that are using multiple or ineffective databases. In such cases, we move the entire process and system to the new Oracle database, which provides progressive analytics and results. In the process, our professionals use premium tools like Oracle SQL Developer to migrate from non-Oracle databases to Oracle databases.

Dynamics 365

At Talent Smart Soft Solutions, our experienced specialists are committed to providing skilled Dynamics 365 services that are tailored to our client’s specific requirements. With a thorough grasp of the Dynamics 365 platform, we provide complete solutions that address the client’s needs.

We take pleasure in our client-centric approach, which focuses on knowing their individual objectives and obstacles. We can customize our services to guarantee optimal efficiency and productivity using the Dynamics 365 platform by thoroughly examining each client’s particular demands.

Our team specializes in implementing the most important tactics to ensure success. We leave no stone left in creating a smooth and productive environment for our clients, from setting the system to meet business processes to customizing modules and integrating third-party solutions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We recognize that Dynamics 365 is not a one-size-fits-all solution; therefore, we collaborate closely with our clients to adapt and optimize the platform for their needs. Our expertise guarantees that Dynamics 365 becomes a valuable tool in our customers’ company undertakings, whether it’s boosting customer relationship management, optimizing processes, or improving analytics. Your success is our success, and with Dynamics 365, we are committed to making that a reality.

Our Approach

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Analyzing & Understanding Client Requirements

Approaching and understanding our client is ultimately the first and most important step of the process. Our experts carefully review all the client’s goals and requirements and clearly note what exactly you need in ERP software.

Planning & Designing Of The ERP Software

After going through the business model, requirements, and goals, our experts start designing the enterprise resource plan. With years of experience in the industry, we design appropriate strategies to fulfill every requirement effectively.

Building & Deploying The ERP Software

Our seasoned experts dive into the project and start building the software with all their skill sets. Developers, engineers, managers, and analysts work closely with each other to develop and deploy the expected outcome.

Continuous Support

Our work doesn’t just end with developing and deploying the software. The ERP software is very dynamic and needs continuous support and maintenance. Our support and maintenance team continues the journey even after the deployment of software in the business process for a better user experience.

ERP Software Modules We Develop

Our expert team develops the ERP software for the below-mentioned modules for the enhancement of efficiency and progress in the workflow.

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Management, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory, Distribution, Business Intelligence, Marketing & Statistics, Financial & Accounting, Analytics, Human Resources, and Purchasing


Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship Mangement



Business Intelligence

Marketing and Sales

Financials and Accounting


Human Resource


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