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Transform your business with digital enhancements and secure your worldwide customer relationships by leveraging the world’s best Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Services & Solutions | India | USA

As a salesforce consulting firm, Talent Smart Soft Solutions can assist your company to expand by improving sales, marketing, and customer service. Our salesforce consulting services encompass salesforce consultation, salesforce application development, salesforce migration, salesforce integration, salesforce customization, salesforce configuration, and support.

Salesforce Consulting

Redefine your business objectives to promote marketing, maximize sales value, and provide the most satisfactory customer service through our salesforce consulting services. We support our customers accomplish their business goals by automating sales, optimizing workflows, advertising, targeted campaigns, and so on. Our team is knowledgeable in assessing your business needs and proposing innovative strategies with our salesforce capabilities.

Salesforce Services

Salesforce Configuration

Tailor the salesforce platform to meet your industry requirements. We assist you in modifying existing salesforce solutions, managing large data, and business operations using salesforce lightning services. We employ the best technologies to handle your regular and recurrent work, such as sending emails and following up on projects to enhance employee productivity. We incorporate artificial intelligence into your system to deliver insights into sales, marketing, and customer needs.

Salesforce Application Development

Customize our salesforce application development services to improve your sales, marketing, and customer engagement services that salesforce CRM cannot solve. Our engineers are experts in developing robust, reliable, and bug-free applications based on your business needs. We design applications for internal usage as well as AppExchange, assuring high quality and performance. We provide support and maintenance after the product has been delivered, as well as assistance in troubleshooting.

Salesforce Integration

Get a detailed analysis of your business needs, software, and quality assurance with salesforce integration. Our experts help you in integrating on-premises systems with cloud-based platforms to provide real-time data synchronization. We assist you in automating end-to-end business operations to deliver the best user experience. Broaden your salesforce capabilities by integrating with modern technologies such as project management software, team collaboration tools, live chats, customer interaction platforms, and so on.

Salesforce Support

Utilize our salesforce technical support services to manage your business administration and development so that you can achieve consistent performance and rapid system enhancements. Our support services include 24/7 system monitoring, customer assistance, system audits, system evolution, troubleshooting, etc. We manage everything from development to maintenance, as well as monitor system performance after delivery and upgrade it as needed. We promptly respond to all of your concerns and assist you with suitable solutions.

Learn About Our Salesforce Cloud Services

Sales Cloud

Sales cloud enables B2B and B2C businesses to boost their productivity in less time by marketing, promoting sales, and providing customer support.

Community Cloud

Stay in contact with your workforce, clients, customers, and business partners in order to provide a personalized experience.

Health Cloud

Focus on patient care management, patient experience, and patient-doctor relationship to deliver a holistic and real-time view of every patient.

Analytics Cloud

Include graphs, charts, and other pictorial representations to improve data visualization and mobile access for your customers.

Marketing Cloud

Manage your business marketing activities like content management, social media activities, data & analytics, etc through the marketing cloud.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides customer support and services through personalized virtual platforms to deliver the best customer experience.

Financial services Cloud

Enable your banking and insurance services to develop client locality and create robust long-lasting client relationships.

Application Cloud

Build customized applications based on your business requirements to boost business sales, marketing, and customer services.


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