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Talent smart soft solutions has emerged as the top cloud service provider with its skilled competencies and is preferred by several global industries. Within the last five years, it has supported multiple industrial sectors such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, logistics & freight, and many more through contemporary cloud computing strategies.

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Public Cloud:

Leverage public cloud services to develop resources such as infrastructure, databases, storage, and servers over the internet to get more traffic. Small and medium-sized organizations can profit from public cloud computing by pooling physical hardware to minimize infrastructure costs. We will support you right from start-up to maintenance of public cloud hardware, software, and networks to improve uptime, agility, and flexibility.

Private Cloud:

Employ private cloud services to provide high-level security and privacy for your business data through firewalls and internal hosting. We provide computing services within the organization based on your business demands while simultaneously ensuring the security of functional and sensitive data. Our experts provide private cloud services to a variety of industries, including healthcare, agriculture, banking, and manufacturing, among others in India and USA, to increase security, performance, space capacity, and privacy.

Hybrid Cloud:

Our hybrid cloud services integrate public and private cloud resources to deliver a unique and well-managed cloud computing environment. We execute steady business operations on the public cloud and calumniatory workflows in the private cloud. Our hybrid cloud services are utilized by various industries such as finance, healthcare, banking, etc to automate their business processes. We support your software applications and infrastructure by minimizing maintenance costs and risk management.


We are a multi-cloud service provider that lets your business administration synchronize business requirements and operations using cloud-hosting services. Most start-up entrepreneurs and mid-level companies employ multi-cloud architecture, which integrates public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud resources to obtain greater efficiency. We automate multi-cloud management work processes to ensure data, applications, and infrastructure is effectively synchronized across cloud environments.

Our Cloud Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Support your business operations utilizing the best infrastructure model, which includes a database, web servers, networking equipment, and devices for managing new software releases, providing better security, and minimizing capital expenses.
  • We create and deliver software applications and cloud infrastructure services, as well as tools and databases, by leveraging fundamental operating systems, networking, security techniques, and servers.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Minimize software maintenance and hardware expenses by using the internet to gain free access to complicated software and hardware services. SaaS allows software applications to run directly from a web browser instead of downloading, installing, and executing them on local servers.
  • Relay on us for constant updates instead of purchasing new software. As a software as a service provider, we support you in running applications simply from the remote browser, allowing you to access application data from any location at any time.

Platform as a Service(PaaS)

  • Eliminate the need of developing software applications using native hardware and software services. PaaS allows software developers to build applications on platforms and environments that are openly available on the internet.
  • Access PaaS services to design and deploy the applications irrespective of the hardware via the web browser. Being a PaaS cloud provider we offer easy-to-use infrastructure and IT services to support the entire web application lifecycle.

Function as a Service (FaaS)

  • We develop the code and modernize it timely based on customer requirements. Designing apps, building code, executing, deploying, and computing are all offered as discrete functions through serverless architecture, permitting less control over the system.
  • FaaS enables automatic scaling up and scaling down based on demand. Being an AWS serverless compute service provider in India and USA, there is no need to worry about servers instead, code maintenance is sufficient to upload and execute the program.

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